‘All’s Fair’, Sydney Film School, director Kurt Davies- 9, 10, 12 May, 2016
‘Reverie’, SFS, director Jacob Frith- 25, 31 May
‘Breach’, SFS, director Lorenzo Monti- 26 May
‘Love Letter’, SFS, director Andreas Torstensson- 30 May
‘Pedigree’, Advanced diploma SFS, director Bailey Cumbers- 4 June
‘Unbind’, SFS, director Mathilde Neu- 7 June
Showed at 2017 Austrian film festival, Vienna; Nominated best international short
Showed at 2017 DFK New Wave, Kolkata, India; Nominated best international short fiction
Showed at 2017 Sacramento French Film Festival, California; Nominated in experimental short films
Showed at 2017 Female Feedback Film Festival, Toronto; Nomination.
‘Couch Potato’, SFS, director Beau Ferret- 10 June
‘HitchHiker’, SFS, director Quentin Perrot- Minnot- 14, 15 June
‘Duet’, SFS, director Vida Irani- 15- 16 June
Showed at 2016 Persian Film Festival. 
‘I Don't Understand’, director Kristi Hall- 24- 25 June
‘Subject 42’, Advanced Diploma SFS, director Luke Hilderbraat- 28- 29 June
‘Brutally honest Love’ Feature Film, BH Productions, director Mark Nunnari- 1st July
‘The Birthday’ teaser trailer, SFS, director Ellen Johansson- 6 July
‘Cheat Happens’, Advanced Diploma SFS, director Guillermo Pena- 7- 9 July
Official selection in Muestra Intergactica Film Festival, 2017
‘Old World’, Advanced Diploma SFS, director Jermaine Yuen- 26th July
‘No One Else Will’, Advanced Diploma SFS, director Paul D’Indy- 1- 5 August
‘Veov Drive’, Advanced diploma SFS, director Vittoria Merlino- Dentice- 27- 28 August
‘Atomic Gardens’, Advanced diploma SFS, director Raquel Linde- 9, 11-13, 18 September
‘Only The Beautiful’, University of Technology Sydney, director Sam Allen- 13 September
Showed at Sci Fi Film Festival, Sydney 2017
‘Blood Bank’, SFS, director Cat Sole- 19, 23- 25 September, 14 November
‘Cold Desert’, Advanced Diploma SFS, director Gourov Ghandi- 3, 9, 11 October
‘Land of Milk and Honey’, SFS, director Nick Brawn- 27 sep, 15, 20-23 October
Semi Finalist in Colorlab’s Summer Shorts festival 2017.
Showed at Leeds International Film Festival, 2017
‘Raisa’, SFS, director Daria Vakhova- 28 October
‘Underneath’, SFS, director Jarred Keane- 4 Nov
‘Daddy’s Girl’, SFS, director Ruby Lennon- 5-6 Nov
‘West Inn’, Advanced Diploma SFS- director Daniel Havas- 7-9,11 Nov
‘Other View’, SFS- director Sally Broad- 17 November
‘Dirt Tin’, Grand Illusions TV + Blunt Gorilla, director James Fraser- 25-27 Nov
Tropfest entrant, shortlisted.
Awarded Audience Choice for best short at the Fantastic Planet Film Festival, Sydney 2017
Showed at Byron Bay Film Festival 2017
‘Rosa’, SFS, director Shamim Waseeq- 26 November
‘Into Trance’, Advanced diploma SFS- director Deep Desai- 5-8 Dec
‘Set Life’, Advanced Diploma SFS- director Paarth Nair- 10- 12 Dec
‘Laserlight blues’, Advanced Diploma SFS- director Glean De Goya- 8 Feb 2017
‘Once Upon a Time in Australia’, Advanced Diploma SFS- directer Justin Latimer-13, 17 Feb
‘Ocean Blue’, Advanced Diploma SFS- director Johan Freden- 2, 5 March
‘Seek’,  Advanced Diploma SFS- director Andreas Torstensson- 13 march
‘Erin Brockovich’ Advanced Diploma Masterclass SFS- director Kate Riedl- 14 march
‘Duality’, Advanced Diploma SFS- director Rasmus Callmer- 24, 26 March
‘Fireflies in the night’, Advanced Diploma SFS- director Augusto MaK- 7-9 April
Honourable mention at Global Shorts, LA 2017.
Nominated for ‘Best Australian Short’ at The Australian Sci-Fi and Fantasy Gala, 2017
‘Kronan’, SFS, director Jakob Karlsson- 28-30 April
‘Beneath the Window’, SFS, director Brandon Thompson- 11-12 May, 8 June
‘Mind on Screen’, SFS, director Julian Vincent- 17-18 May
‘How to Write a Screenplay’, SFS, director Cat Sole- 21 May
‘The Subtracter’, Phoenix Eye Pty Ltd, Directer Maria Tran- 3 June
Showed at the ‘Diverse Screens of South West Sydney’ Film Festival 2017.
‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’, Advanced diploma SFS, director Cyrille Glotin- June
‘Witch Hunties’, AFTRS, director Michail Mathioudakis- 23 July, 1-5 August
‘Gronks’, AFTRS, director Alexei Toliopoulos- 31 Aug-3 September
‘Two-Step’, SFS, director Sungho Suh-10, 13 Sep
‘Share House’, AFTT, director Romano Coluzzi- 11-12 November
‘Warpaint Within’, director Cédric Eugéne Desenfants- 25-26 Nov, 3 December
‘Mates’, director Ishii Masayashi- 2 Dec, 23 Jan
‘Marauders’, director Jack R. Crumlin- 16, 19-20th Dec
‘Who’s a Fly Bird?’ directors Bianca Tomchin and Mat Harvey- 28-29th January 2018
Showed at Fashion Film Festival, Sydney 2018
Showing at Sydney Powerhouse Museum 2018
‘Stranded’, director Nathan Colquhoun-1st February 
‘How to Fuck a French Woman’ (Web-series), director Amy Corbett- 23-25th February
‘Blazing Soul’, director Cédric Eugéne Desenfants- 1-12th, 16,18th March
‘Chikas’ (Web-series), director Christine Milo- 21 April
‘Hollow’, AFTT, director Shaun Ghahyazi -11, 14 May
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